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10 Reasons You Need a Wedding Coordinator

When it comes to your wedding day, you have planned and prepared for months ... sometimes years. It is now time to put your romantic vision into the hands of a trusted wedding coordinator to see it through. Why should you hire a wedding coordinator? Here are my top 10 reasons.

1: Professional Resources and Organization

Your wedding day coordinator should be a guide for you when you have questions or get stuck on a planning step. Even though your coordinator does not become a key player until about a month or week before your big day they should still be able to provide resources to help you through the planning process. Most couples who choose to work with a day-of coordinator are fairly organized and enjoy the simple DIY projects. Your coordinator will be able to bring all those moving parts together to ensure that no small details are missed the day of your wedding.

2: Timeline Formation

As a resource for vendor recommendations and organization a key part of making your day stress-free is creating a timeline that flows nicely. Your coordinator will know what works and what doesn't, so use their expertise! In a lot of cases DJs will send a general timeline to their couples, but if there are special traditions and customization you want to make, your coordinator can make sure ALL the vendors have the correct timeline and are kept updated throughout the wedding with what happens next. A wedding that flows well and feels non-chaotic is a wedding that has a clear, well thought out timeline.

3: Directory for Vendors

The week of your wedding is filled with so many last minute touches and family gatherings that the last thing you need is to worry about vendors asking you for directions and confirming times. Your coordinator introduces themselves as the primary contact so you can focus on the celebration you've put so much time and effort into. Once you reach that week-of mark the planning should be completed and your wedding coordinator should be able to handle the last minute questions and organization for you.

4: Rehearsal Curator

A wedding rehearsal generally happens the day prior to the wedding unless otherwise requested. This is a time to practice how the bridal party will be walking for the processional, where they will be standing at the altar, and when they will exit for the recessional. The goal of the rehearsal is for the ceremony to run smoothly on the day-of. Bridal parties generally enjoy a few drinks as they get ready and if they already know exactly where, when, who for the ceremony there tend to be far less stumbles and unwanted awkwardness. The rehearsal is also a time to drop off décor at the venue and your coordinator should be able to check off an inventory list to ensure you don't forget the flower girl basket, unity candle, welcome sign, etc. At this point everything has been handed off to your coordinator and you get to enjoy your rehearsal dinner with friends and family, as well as getting ready the next day for all the festivities to come.

5: Essentials Styling

It's wedding day, you're sipping mimosas and your coordinator is handling everything for you! Setting up essential décor should be done by your wedding day coordinator. This includes styling items in areas like your cake table, guestbook table, memory table, seating chart and/or place cards. Directional signs and landscaping maintenance should be done by the venue and your florist should be in charge of arch floral with or without draping and centerpieces. Once your coordinator completes their projects they will be able to assist other vendors, however, this is not guaranteed.

6: Setup Manager

Your day-of coordinator serves as a supervisor for other vendors and are there to check in with you and your future spouse for any last minute changes or challenges. There's no need for you to leave your suite when your coordinator is putting the fires and perfecting your dream wedding vision! Each vendor will arrive at the venue at different times depending on how long they will need for setup and your coordinator will keep track of their arrivals and directing them to their designated setup locations. If a vendor is late you may never know since your coordinator will be contacting them directly for an ETA and creating a solution to any issues that arise from traffic or emergencies.

7: Guest Concierge

Every family is different, but what always remains the same at weddings is that they cannot wait to see the Bride and Groom! Your coordinator has an important job of making sure your guests are directed where they need to be, when they need to be there. In all honesty, directing guests is a lot like herding cats and no bride, groom, parent or bridal party member wants to be in charge of that! Leave your coordinator in charge of answering questions like Where's the bathroom? How long is cocktail hour? What table do we sit at? Otherwise you may find yourself worried about anyone and everyone else besides the most important person... YOU.

8: Ceremony Coordination

You've practiced at rehearsal the day before and everything will run smoothly, until it doesn't. You won't be able to keep track of all the moving parts associated with the ceremony without your day-of coordinator. The flower girl wagon needing the baby in it, Dad removing his sunglasses, Maid of Honor needing tissue, rings going in the ring box, officiant holding your written vows, and the list goes on. Your coordinator has done this a hundred times and you can entrust them to set everything according to your vision and special requests. They will be queuing the DJ once everything is set and once you're song begins and you know you're ready your coordinator will open those curtains at the perfectly timed moment. Each ceremony is like a fine-tuned symphony and your coordinator is the conductor.

9: Emergency Hero

Wedding days are a high-stress environment no matter how prepared you are. One of the most common stress triggers is weather and no one has any control over mother nature. That's why having a day-of coordinator is imperative because they will move everything to plan B or plan C as needed and inform you of emergencies as needed. In addition to weather, injuries and accidents can occur at the most inconvenient times, but your coordinator will ensure it's taken care of while you touch up your makeup and keep sippin' on that mimosa. A well established coordinator will have seen it all and not be phased when they end up dealing with missing vendors, untimely sprained ankles, or random hail storms. Leave it to the professional to keep your guests, vendors, bridal party and especially you calm and stress-free on your wedding day.

10: Emotional Support

Although the goal of any day-of coordinator should be to create a stress-free, perfectly styled wedding for their couples, they should also be there to ensure you enjoy your day. This means providing you with your drink of choice, making sure you get to try your appetizers during cocktail hour, helping your Maid of Honor bustle your dress before the grand entrance, and even assisting you with using the restroom! One of the best moments a coordinator can share with their bride is just before the bride walks down the aisle. Her bridesmaids are all waiting at the alter and her father/brother/escort is just as nervous as her. As a coordinator it's important to take that moment to make sure her hair, makeup, veil, train, necklace are all set in place perfectly. A coordinator should never open the curtain or send her on her way before they know their bride is ready. It's always emotional and just remember that it's ok to cry! No matter what happens on your wedding day your coordinator will be there for YOU!

Happy planning!


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