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Arizona Wedding Coordinator


Glowing Remarks

Arizona Wedding Day Coordination

"Our daughter's wedding was just last night! Months ago my daughter said that she wanted to hire Heather to coordinate the reception. I honestly wasn't convinced that we needed her or that she would be worth the cost. But once we got close to the day of the wedding and then throughout the actual reception we could not have made it work without her! Hire her without reservation! Thank you Heather for working so hard to make our daughter's wedding so beautiful!"

Father James C.

Day of Wedding Planners | Weddings by Heather Renee

"I owe my entire day to Heather. I had no idea how to plan and execute a wedding and Heather did. She set up all of the centerpieces, decorations and flowers all while coordinating every other detail with the resort staff, the wedding party and myself. She did it all!"

Teah R.

Day of Wedding Coordinator | Weddings by Heather Renee

"Heather was the most amazing day of coordinator she was so sweet and professional, she was on top of everything from start to finish and made sure we had the best time. I am still in awe with how beautiful everything was ... it was like a dream come true.”

Mariah M.

Day of Wedding Planner | Weddings by Heather Renee

"I am an incredibly detail-oriented person, and Heather was able to bring my vision to life, down to every last detail. Even when someone tripped and broke their ankle 10 minutes before the start of the ceremony, Heather handled it with poise and class."

Veronica T.

"The night before the wedding a hurricane swept through ... the location of the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception had to be changed in less than 12 hours. Heather took charge to come up with different locations. She calmed my nerves and I felt at ease. Our wedding turned out to be more beautiful and special than I ever could have imagined. There is no doubt that this was due to Heather’s hard work and calm demeanor."  

Samantha B.

Wedding Coordinator
Day of Wedding Planner | Weddings by Heather Renee

"We can't say enough nice things about Heather! She was magnificent! We have received so many nice compliments from all of the guests on how beautiful everything was!"

Mark A.

Scottsdale Day of Wedding Planner | Weddings by Heather Renee

"Heather our coordinator worked very hard in trying to make our day very special! Our very inexpensive wedding turned out to be the most beautiful venue I have ever experienced! The staff was so accommodating from the beginning to the end.”

Michelle L.

Colorado Wedding Coordinator | Weddings by Heather Renee

"Heather was absolutely amazing she made my night go so smoothly. My wedding was beautiful and I thank her and the staff for such an amazing night! I had so much fun and all of my guest raved about the amazing food and service. Thank you again!”

Ashley S.

Wedding Day Coordination

"... as the day approached I began to realize I could not do everything on my own. Que Heather! She totally saved me and my family and helped us create the wedding of our dreams. She not only came in and immediately grasped where everything was at in the planning process and picked up like it was nothing, but she also added so much value... I am so extremely grateful and awed by her talent and skills!.. So thankful for her and all she did. She is an absolute must-have on your wedding day, hands down!"

Holly V.

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